What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I'm totally satisfied with the job SERVPRO did after my water pipe burst. They were very professional and I am totally satisfied. 

I want SERVPRO to continue with the repairs of my drywall, carpet, and hardwood floors. They are great.

They did an amazing job & some things came out better than before the water damage!

I called at 3:11 pm and they were at my house by 3:50 pm to survey the damage from a busted water line to our third story toilet. The water ran through two floors into our basement. They had guys on the job 35 minutes after we called and they had everything complete by 5:45 pm. They were polite. Explained everything thoroughly and did an amazing job. They still have to come back tomorrow and set that appointment up on the spot. I will definitely recommend them in the future! Great job SERVPRO of Vermilion County.

During the big freeze on the weekend of Saturday, February 2, a water pipe in my laundry room burst and water was literally pumping out into the laundry room and the adjoining family room. When the water was finally turned off I had no water in the house and was very frustrated. I called a plumber first thing on that Monday morning. I was told that it would be a while before they could get to me because the freeze caused pipes to burst all over town. I had seen SERVPRO ads on TV and decided to call them for help in cleaning up the water damage. They agreed to come out immediately. In the meantime, Brittany Chavira, the person I had talked to at SERVPRO, had called the plumber I had talked to and convinced him to come to my house. He did come out to check out my situation. Even though he told me he could not fix the pipes right then, he did shut down the laundry room pipes and turned my water back on for the rest of the house. I have Brittany to thank for that. She went above & beyond to help me. I knew at that moment that SERVPRO was the help I needed. SERVPRO came right out and went to work. They were very professional while also being caring. They did a great job of treating my house and furniture with the utmost care. I would recommend them to anyone having water damage. I especially thank Brittany Chavira for her help and kindness to me and my property.

I had a water problem at my house and I called SERVPRO because my BFF recommended them; she is friends with one of the Champaign employees. I had a crew out to the house within hours. They had several employees helping me to get my belongings packed up and sorted. I was very upset about the loss. One of their crew; Josh Duprey, was very kind and courteous while helping me make tough decisions. Josh is very knowledgeable about construction and repair. He and I had many conversations about damage control for my house. If anyone needed SERVPRO for damage control I would recommend that they ask for Josh to be on their crew

Beautiful job. Loved the work!

I especially appreciate their timely service, especially in this harsh weather!

I was so impressed! The crew was here within an hour.

Very good work and the crew was courteous!

Great team! Please convey my gratitude!

Everyone is very kind. I was impressed on how fast and yet thorough SERVPRO was. I highly appreciate the crew that came to my home.

Becky's professionalism in determining what needed to be done and her explanation to me is why I chose SERVPRO to do the work in my house. She and her team were fantastic throughout the entire job.

All the guys and young lady were very nice. They explained everything well and were very caring. These are the kind of people I like to deal with. I would recommend SERVPRO to others, as I know things are going to be taken care of.